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  • How long does it take?

    It all depends on the size of your house, and soiling conditions inside it. We can usually clean a  medium size home of carpet in about 2 hours. We always stay until the job is done correctly.

    What kind of cleaners do you use?

    We use biodegradable, safe for pets and children cleaning products. Our cleaners are soap free and do not leave a sticky residue. There is no resoiling issues later.

    Do you move furniture?

    Yes, some. Upon request we will move any light furniture. Items such as chairs, small sofas, coffee tables, end tables, and other easy to move items. Prior to our arrival we ask that you remove any breakable items from the furniture prior to our arrival.
    We do not move most beds, musical instruments, full china cabinets, grandfather clocks,  full bookshelves, entertainment centers. We reserve the right not to move a piece of furniture or household object that we do not feel comfortable with.

    Should I move anything?

    Yes. Please remove all small objects and breakables from the areas being cleaned.

    How long will it take to dry?

    Your carpets should be dry in anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. It depends on time of the year and weather conditions. We set up powerful air movers during our cleaning process to aid drying. It is important to have a good airflow through the house after carpet cleaning service is complete.

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