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Best carpet cleaning in Reno

At Eco Pro Cleaning Solutions our business is built on quality service, and attention to detail. We have created a custom cleaning process that cleans your carpets removing the dirt, soils, and pet dander deep from inside the fibers of your carpet. Here are the steps we include in our process. Shortly after we arrive at your home we present you with our custom, in-house spotter. It can be applied to carpet or upholstery. We educate the homeowner to always spot test in an inconspicuous area. Next we do a general walk through with the homeowner. This is the time when we discuss any issues or areas of concern. After the initial inspection we “prepare” the area to be cleaned. Including moving small pieces of furniture, and setting up corner guards to protect your walls and belongings. Vacuuming the carpet is very important, it also a step most cleaners skip. Not us! A lot of dry soil, dirt, pet hair, and dust is removed with the help of our powerful HEPA filter vacuum. Next step is the application of our in house cleaning solution. It does not contain any toxic chemicals, is biodegradable and safe to your children and pets. After a few minutes we agitate the solution with the help of our rotary machine. Now its time to get it all out! Our powerful truck-mounted system, high pressure hot water, and powerful vacuum will remove the dirt and the cleaning solution from your carpet. We only use clear water rinse as our products are soap free and don’t leave any residue. Any spots or stains still remaining will get additional treatment with our many specialty spotting agents. After cleaning, if the homeowner chooses so we can apply carpet protector or deodorizer. Protector shields the carpet from both water-based and oil-based spills. Your carpets stay clean longer, and will be easier to clean. Deodorizer neutralizes odors, eliminating them at their source, and leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. We groom the carpet pile with a grooming rake to bring it back up and help dry faster. Next we set up air movers to promote even faster drying. Depending on the weather conditions carpets should be dry in 3-6 hours. In some cases we will have the carpets dry before we leave your house. Our last step is the final walk through and customer education. Making sure we follow all the steps helps us provide the best possible service for our clients. So look no further for carpet cleaning in Reno, and call us today at (775) 391 9697.

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