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Quality Carpet Cleaning in Reno

Carpet cleaning in Reno NV

Unfortunately your carpets get dirty. They get dirty really quick. Young children, pets, and everyday foot traffic result in dull and unpleasant appearance of your carpet. Your floors basically just wear out over time. Dirt and soil travels and builds up deep within the fibers. At one point regular vacuuming is not enough anymore.It comes time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. This is where we come in! Eco Pro carpet cleaning in Reno NV. Eco Pro carpet cleaning is a local, family owned local business. We understand and value the trust of our customers. We always try to communicate and find out what their expectations are. From there we always try to deliver the best possible service. Throughout the years we changed, and tweaked our business approach and cleaning procedures. Our paperless billing and free spotter with every service makes it a little easier of a process of our clients.

 Carpet cleaning and your health

Professional carpet cleaning will improve the overall appearance of your home. It has some health benefits as well. Think of carpets as a filter. A giant filter that holds all the dust, dirt, and pet dander. All air pollutants and allergens that might have a negative impact on your health. Carpets will hold these particles that would otherwise circulate in the air. Every so often that filter needs to be cleaned. Keep it clean by frequent vacuuming, and have your carpet steam cleaned at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaning is important in keeping a high air quality in your home.

Our detailed cleaning process includes:

  • Walkthrough and pre-Inspection
  • We move some light furniture and prep the area
  • Pre-Vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum
  • Pre-Treat with our soap free cleaning solution
  • Mechanical agitation (if needed)
  • Hot Water Extraction also known as steam cleaning
  • Post-Spotting
  • Grooming carpet fibers
  • Protector and Deodorizer (optional)
  • Speed dry fans
  • Final Walkthrough and customer education

Carpet Cleaning results by Eco Pro Cleaning Solutions