Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal in Reno

proffesional pet odor removal reno

Powerful blacklight is utilized to detect urine in the carpet.

Pet stains and odors like cat or dog urine are difficult to remove. They can also cause damage to your carpet and upholstery. Urine in carpet creates unhealthy living environment if not addressed quickly and properly. With removing pet urine, time is a big factor. Pet urine comes out in an acidic state, with the ph slightly under the neutral 7. At this time it is fairly easy to treat by the homeowner. With time it changes its state to alkaline with the ph of about 11. Now it becomes a lot more difficult to get rid of. Urine will dye the fibers and staining is hard to remove when urine contamination is heavy or treatment is delayed.

As it dries and crystallizes, it begins to react with the carpet fibers to create a color change. This is known as the yellow spot. If not treated quickly, the yellow stain might become permanent as it changes the dye structure of the fibers. Dried up pet urine contains salts that attract moisture. Moisture with time creates bacteria that cause bad smell.

At Eco Pro Cleaning Solutions we utilize 3 stages of pet odor removal:

  1. Topical Treatment is most common. It is a slightly acidic treatment followed by an enzyme cleaning. It is done when the urine does not penetrate the padding of the carpet.
  2. Sub-Surface Extraction. This treatment is used if the urine penetrated the backing of the carpet and soaked into the padding. We use special tools to flush the urine salts out of the padding.
  3. Sub-Floor Treatment is performed in extreme cases. This is done only when the urine penetrated the carpet, padding, and into the sub floor. We will pull up the carpet and remove the contaminated pad. Next we seal the sub floor and install new pad. Last we clean the carpet

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