Stretching and Repairs

Carpet repair in Reno

With time some carpets may need a little “face lift”. Humidity, incorrect installation, or backing that is beginning to fail. There are main reasonsProfessional carpet repair Reno of wrinkles in carpet and broken seams. Sometimes set in stains that won’t come out with cleaning may also be an eye sore for the homeowner. You don’t need to re arrange furniture to hide the damage, or even buy new carpet. Eco Pro cleaning solutions can save it. We specialize in multiple carpet repair related services. Stretching a room, or invisible patches and seams will last as long as you own your carpet. Our repair services include:

Stretching wrinkled carpet:

Over time your carpet starts to bubble, and form little wrinkles. Simple re stretching will makes it tight again. Stretching extends the lifetime of your carpet. Constantly stepped on bubbles bend the backing and cause carpet to wear quicker. Eliminating wrinkles reduces the danger of tripping on lose material. Most common areas of wrinkled carped are rooms with poor installation and high traffic areas. We fix those areas by pulling up carpet in specific spot, and stretching it tight again. Power stretching creates a tight and flat surface, and prevents carpet from bubbling in the future.

Fixing broken seams:

Re seaming is needed when an existing seam has come undone, or is really obvious due to faulty original installation. Bad seams may cause tripping and wrinkles in the carped. We tackle this problem by pulling up the carpet and removing old seaming tape. Next we trim the ends of carpet to prepare it for a fresh seam. Finally the carpets are seamed together and stretched to a flat surface.  This way we bring that beautiful look
back to your carpet.

Patching permanently damaged carpet:

Carpet is patched when there is no other solution for the specific damaged area. It is used in the case of irreversible damage like carpet burns, or permanent stains. Piece of damaged carpet is cut out and replaced with a brand new matching piece. If left over matching carpet is not available, a piece is usually taken from an inconspicuous area like a closet corner. Call Eco Pro at 775.391.9697 for a free evaluation of our carpet repair service.

Carpet Stretching

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