Tile and grout cleaning in Reno

  • Tile Cleaning

    Eco Pro Cleaning Solutions will bring back your tile and grout to that fresh and new look. We have the tools and expertise to clean and restore your tile and grout floor.
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  • Grout Sealing

    Protect your investment by sealing the grout joints. Once the floor has been cleaned, we will apply our impregnating grout sealer to protect it for years to come.
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  • Re-Grout/Re-Caulk

    Is the grout between your tiles cracking or, crumbling away? There are a few probable causes, but before you tear up the tile call us to fix the problem.
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  • Natural Stone

    Marble, Limestone, Slate, Travertine or Granite. Natural Stone surfaces are not all the same but we can clean and restore all of them back to their beautiful look.
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  • Shower Restoration

    Mold and mildew can be hiding in your shower. We can clean and restore your tile and grout or natural stone showers. We can even restore and seal the shower glass.
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  • Countertops

    Bring back the natural beauty of your tile and grout or natural stone counter tops. Sealing the granite counters protects them from food and drink spills. 
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Our Cleaning Process

  • Tile and grout in your home can hide years’ worth of buildup soils, and grime. Grease and dirt are really hard to clean from the pores of your hard surface floor. On top of that grout lines attract dirt like a magnet. You can try to scrub the grout, but nothing seems to be working. Dirt will penetrate deep inside, and is really hard to clean up. It is a sign that the dirt needs to be extracted. Eco Pro Carpet Cleaning will bring back your tile and grout to that fresh and new look. We have the tools and expertise to do so. With the help of our powerful truck-mounted extraction system we blast the dirt right out of your floors. High heat cuts through tough grease and our specially designed cleaning solution make quick work of build up dirt and grime. Next, our powerful tile and grout cleaning tools extract all the dirt from the floor surface. After we are done we will leave tile and grout looking brand new.

How to Protect your Investment with Sealing


  • Sealed Granite

  • Benefits of tile and grout sealing.

    In addition to cleaning you can have your tile and grout sealed. We can seal your grout, granite, marble and any other natural stone surface with our impregnating solvent sealer. Sealing strengthens tile and grouts defense against spills, and erosion of grout. Sealing your hard surface floor will assist in its longevity. It is also helpful when it’s time to clean it again. Beverage spills will sit on top of the floor, and will not penetrate inside the grout. So don’t hesitate to call Eco Pro Carpet Cleaning for a Tile and Grout Cleaning estimate!
    So if you are tired of looking at your dirty tile and grout floor give us a call today at 775-391-9697