Upholstery Cleaning In Reno

proffesional upholstery cleaning renoThe furniture in your house might be one of your biggest investments. That Sofa, love seat, or sectional often define the look of your home. Your upholstered furniture is an expensive
purchase and you do not want it to get soiled and stained. Sometimes it is just out of your control. Young children and pets will make quick work of that. Choosing the right upholstery cleaning professional is not an easy decision. Eco Pro Carpet Cleaning also provides professional upholstery cleaning in Reno NV. With the help of specially designed, low moisture cleaning tools and procedures we bring back the fresh and clean look to your couch. At the same time we remove the pollutants and toxins that can hide deep inside the fabrics you lay your head on. In many ways upholstery cleaning is similar to our carpet cleaning process. We apply a non-toxic and soap free cleaning solution to make the process safe for all the members of your household. Then with our low moisture upholstery cleaning tool we extract the dirt from the fabric. Last come out the big fans to speed up drying. You will be able to use your sofa in no time.

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Our upholstery cleaning process.

  • We test a small area to make sure that no unexpected fabric damage or color loss will occur.
  • We prepare the area by putting out water resistant blankets to protect your floors from water overspray.
  • Next step we remove dry soils and any loose particles with our vacuum.
  • The furniture gets an application of our non-toxic cleaning solution.
  • We brush in the cleaning product into the fabric.
  • Dirt is then extracted with our low moisture upholstery cleaning tool.
  • Any remaining spots are treated with special stain removal products.
  • A special brush is used to make sure there are no streak marks left.
  • This step is optional. We can apply a protective treatment to add some years of life to your furniture and to protect it from spots and spills.
  • We direct air movers to speed up the drying process.
  • We then ask you to inspect your furniture.

 Sofa Cleaning before and after

  1. Before
  2. After